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    Well while it is not to my taste I think it is usable and it doesn't give me the dated vibes like Lauren and Laura.


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    Honestly, I think my 'name palate' is starting to get jaded, or come full circle. At this point, Jennifer on a new baby sounds better than Juniper or Genevieve or Juno, all of which scream '2012 hipster' or something. I actually think it'll be *less* dated when the kid grows up, because it's so 1980s.

    Or maybe I'm just losing it.

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    I think that it is definitely a little dated, but that might serve as a good thing. If you had a little Jennifer in a few years, she would be one of the only Jennifer's in her class. I think that picking a name from an off-era isn't a bad thing. I am Elaine, and when I was in school it seemed like a very dated name but I still really liked it because 1. I thought it was pretty (like Jennifer!) and 2. I was literally the only Elaine I knew. I say, if you love it, go for it!!

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    To me Jennifer is pretty, Jenny is cute, Jen I am neutral towards.

    I know plenty of Jennys& Jens but only one who goes by Jennifer.

    I figure today you'd easier find a dozen Genevieves before one baby Jennifer...and I prefer Jennifer!

    I think a lot of "dated" names are nicer than today's popular names & feel fresh on a little one. I dount any Jenny of today questionwould have to be Jenny D. or Jenny S...that would be Bella & Mason these days!

    The worst a Jen would get, "oh, that's my mom's name"

    I say use it!

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    I see it as dated. Or maybe it's more that I grew up in a time when it was mega-popular. (Six Jennifers around my age in my department at my last job) So it may just be I overdosed on it and it sounds fresh to others' ears. It's a nice sounding name and I do love the nickname Jenny.

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