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    To me it doesn't matter if a name is classed as 'dated'. I don't understand why a perfectly normal name should be avoided just because it happened to be super popular in a certain time period. What's the big deal? O_o No one's going to look at a baby Jennifer and think: 'Why aren't you in your twenties? People called Jennifer are all over the age of twenty.' They'd most likely think: 'Aww, pretty name. I know lots of nice people called Jenny.'

    Jennifer is a lovely name, there's nothing wrong with it.

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    Well, it does strike me as a name from the 80's, however just because it was very popular then doesn't make it unusable, there's some names I really fancy from that era as well. I had considered the name Jennifer myself as a middle name for my daughter because I liked the initials RJ, but since her first name was most popular back in the 1910's-1920's I went for something a bit more old fashioned to compliment it.

    In short, I see nothing wrong with naming your daughter Jennifer, it's a really lovely name and it's not like she is going to have five other Jennifer's in her class, not in the sea of Brianna's and Adalyn's.

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    It is pretty dated. But I do love Jennifer. I think it would be cute on a modern child and certainly more unique these days among their age group!

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    I love Jenny/Jennie/Gen as a nickname but not Jennifer especially.

    My favourites are: Imogen and Genevieve. Historically (pre-20th C) Jenny/Jennie was often derived from Janie and Jane, but I think nowadays a Jane called Jenny would confused the bejeezus out of people. I believe the famous opera singer Jenny Lind (the one Anderson wrote Ugly Duckling for) was a Johanna.

    I think Jenny is adorable. But Jennifer doesn't do much for me.

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    I do feel that it's pretty dated, but I know an adorable little girl named Jennifer, and I don't really even associate it as being dated on her. She wears it so well. I love the Jen/Jenny part, but not the "nifer" ending, it seems sort of conniving and underhanded, a la Lucifer. It is a nice name, though, and I think if you won't be using it for at least a decade, it will seem less dated by then.

    I agree with @stripedsocks, I love Imogen and Genevieve as ways to get to Jen/Jenny/Gen.

    Good luck!
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