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    Is it really too dated?

    I love the name Jennifer, but is it too dated? I think the nicknames Jenn and Jenny are really adorable but Jennifer has been so overused in the past, I'm afraid to even consider using it now! I'm not having kids for a while, so I don't know if that factors in. What do you guys think? Does anyone else like Jennifer? Thanks!
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    The only Jennifer I've ever met is my age (so, teenaged.) It suits her just fine and doesn't look dated. She doesn't shorten it to anything as far as I know. I think it's a great name, it has lovely flow and sounds really approachable.
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    I think it is very dated to the 80s... I know so many Jennifers/Jens/Jennys my age (19) and older. If you want something more fresh, there's always Genevieve with the nickname Gen/Genny. Or Geneva, etc.
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    I love this name, but it's definitely dated. I much prefer Juniper.
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    There are too many Jennifers! Look at how many famous ones there are. It is super popular! I do like Jenn names though, but I would chose any of the others over Jennifer. I used to babysit a girl named Jennilyn. It's like Jenna-Lynn, just say it faster...
    A co-worker has a daughter named Jensyn. Those are a bit trendy, but I like them better than Jennifer. Jennifer is a tad boring.
    My favorite "Jenn" name is Geneve. (French for Geneva) It appeals to me cuz I like Jenn and I love Neve!

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