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    You might want to focus on biblical names associated with piety or fidelity: Sarah, Martha, Ruth, Esther

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    Well, first off I realize that you said you wanted stereotypical Christian names, but then followed it up by saying you're an atheist writing a story about this stereotypically named Christian, that doesn't sound so great....doesn't exactly make me want to be super helpful, lol. That's like me saying, "I think I'm gonna write a story mocking atheists, where should I start?"

    However, taking it not so seriously and in the spirit of the holidays, here's a few lists of names I've heard used extensively among very religious Protestants.

    Joyful (yes, not just Joy, Joyful)
    Hope / Faith - know sisters with these names
    Grace (I know a bazillion Grace's of every age)
    I've never met a boy with a virtue name though--guess it's seen as not super masculine by some.

    Melody / Harmony (I knew sisters with these names)

    I'd say most tend to stay away from the trendy names but they often like to have a link between their kids. I know dozens of families with, say, 5 kids all with B names (Blair, Blake, Bridget, Brianna, Bryan) or something similar. But the majority won't name their kids to get attention so there are a lot of simple names too Anna, Sarah, Jacob, Paul, Adam, Michael, etc.

    Also, meaning can be very important:
    Caleb Elijah - it means "devoted to Yahweh, for he is God"
    Josiah Daniel - it means "God is my healer and my judge"
    Micah Emmanuel - it means "who is like the Lord, the God who is with us"
    Simeon Ezra - it means "God is listening and will help"
    Amos Elisha - it means "carried by God, he is my salvation"
    Eve Elizabeth - it means "a life pledged to God"
    Rebecca Naomi - it means "servant of God, my joy and my delight"

    All that said I think the name Rosary is sorta cool. I've never heard it but it is rather pretty. Not being Catholic I'm not sure how that would be viewed by Catholics---weird? since it's hung around their necks and rubbed often? But it's pretty anyway.
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    Okay well here are some of my suggestions [I happen to love biblical names, though I am not a Christian myself.]

    For girls:

    Bible names

    Mary, Ruth, Martha, Sarah, Hannah, Miriam, Esther, Judith, Susanna, Deborah, Dinah, Hephzibah, Jael, Jedidah, Johanna, Keziah, Keturah, Leah, Moriah, Talitha, Shiphrah, Zipporah, Galilee, Nazarene

    Virtue names, some of which were used by the Puritans, some are a little bit more modern.

    Faith, Grace, Hope, Joy, Prudence, Temperance, Agape, Chastity, Remembrance, Credence, Fidelity, Modesty, Persevere, Truth, Constance, Purity, Harmony, Mercy, Piety, Rejoice, Prosperity, Patience, Perseverance, Providence, Redeemed, Repentance, Sincere, Verity, Felicity, Deliverance, Flee-Fornication, Be-faithful, Be-thankful, Faith-my-joy, From-above, Honor, Hope-still, Make-peace, Praise-God, Weep-not, Zeal-for-the-Lord. And of course you have names like Trinity though that's not a virtue name.

    For boys:
    Samuel, Jacob, John, Isaac, Abram, Amos, Moses, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Jericho , Elijah, Bartholomew, Caleb, Elisha, Enoch, Ezra, Zephaniah, Hezekiah, Jared, Japheth, Jeriah, Joel, Jordan, Lazarus, Malachi, Manasseh, Micah, Nehemiah, Obadiah, Nicodemus, Tobiah, Zadok, Zebadiah, Zedekiah, Zebedee
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    Caleb and Simeon are good ones for sounding specifically Christian, to my ear, as they aren't popular amongst Jews, though we do like Simon/Shimon, the Simeon spelling itself is more Christian sounding to me.

    I happen to love the sound of Rosario for a girl, though it's too Catholic for me to use IRL.
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