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    shannoncancer711: Evelake Mimosa is beautiful!

    lovelywren: Belphoebe Meadowsweet and Everild Seawillow are gorgeous!

    emmabobemma: Lots of comments, yay! And you made me laugh all through the read... Obviously (I should have said so), first names choices we eliminate will be possible middles. Finvola = finnish olive oil substitute? Do you think I see anything else now? Pelagia means "of the ocean". I'm not really into saints, I'm jewish, but my boyfriend is catholic so it might bug him. Tinkersnow; I was thinking Tinkerbell + snow. Twinklesnow? I do like Glesni, very cute. Shalott was boyfriend's idea, I think it sounds like an onion. I much prefer Elaine (The Lady of Shalott). Thank you for all your comments! Very helpful.

    flick: Good, Eilonwy is one of my favourites. Someone very clever suggested it to me.

    frustratedauthor: Thanks, I'm leaning towards one r too, looks more namey.

    tk: Thank you, I love the combos! I'm so daft, surname is one syllable so I've been avoiding one syllable names. but for a middle, especially as we want two of them, it makes sense! i'll add them to the original post.

    dayjoysky: i appreciate your opinions, but we don't like these names because they're different and unusual, these are the names we love and think will suit our child.

    asophie1: Those are very pretty, I like Neige.

    flick (again): Thank you for saying that!

    ty13: thanks, a very pretty choice.

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    My top 4 from your list:
    Genoveva Nyx - Genoveva is such a perfect name - I love that it simultaneously reminds me of King Arthur and Switzerland.
    Illyria Endellion - I think I mentioned this before. I would never have consider Illyria as a name name but now I'm in love. I might be a little heartbroken if it doesn't get used. it's definitely now made it onto my list of more adventurous names.
    Lorien Fiametta - I feel that Lorien is probably the most "normal" name ( since you are making a list the other day). I love this combo.
    Winterrose Mimosa - I prefer the one r spelling visually but like the double r for pronunciation. With one I'd be tempted to say Winter-ose or Winte-rose.. This combo says beauty, strength and an engetic bubble. ( however Mimosa is also a plant and this could be an odd plant combo to many. I think fun times brunch drink and think its awesome).
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    I like Altalune, Belphoebe, Everild, Hespera, and Rhiannon. But not as much as I like Evelake, Finvola, Illyria, Niniane, and Tinuviel.
    Finvola, Illyria and Tinuviel are probably my top 3.

    Winterose is So pretty! I love this addition, but I am hesitantly thinking it might be better as one of your middle choices. I can't help but think that if you have more children in the future, it would feel a little less substantial next to a boy named Endymion or another girl named Belphoebe and that Winterose would be a little left out. It certainly does have a lovely sound and imagery to it, perfect along with many of your other middle name choices. If you do use it though, I vote one R, I don't think it needs two.

    I also love Lorien but I think it has to at least be made a middle choice, if not eliminated at this point. =(
    And I just wanted to comment on Tinkersnow: it is not my favorite on that list, though I would rather you just use Tinkerbell. I see what you are trying to go for, but just in case you don't watch as much Disney Channel as I do (lol) the newest movie about her, called 'The Secret of the Wings' is actually about Tinkerbell finding out she has a sister. The sister is a "frost fairy" who is basically a version of Tinkerbell that lives in the snow and her name is Periwinkle. I know it's not quite the same thing, but it is always what I accidentally think of when I see Tinkersnow, so you might be interested in looking that up if have some free time. =]

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    lexiem: Thank you, Illyria is one of my favourites. It makes me happy saying it! Illyria Endellion is a stunning combo. I agree with you on Winterose, it sounds weird saying it without the second r.

    amydomsmom: You are right on about Winterose, that's my main issue with this name (Myristica and Everild as well). All the other names have some history and significance, mainly mythology, and though winter is my favourite season and rose is my favourite flower, it isn't substantial enough. Lorien will probably be dumped, a lot of people say it's masculine... Tinuviel is better. Hah, I love the Tinkerbell & Periwinkle thing! Periwinkle is so cute! It was on my boy middle list, maybe it should be moved. I actually have Disney Channel, maybe I'll check out "The Secret of the Wings"...

    Thanks you two, you are wonderful!

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