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    1. Altalune Windemere Snow
    2. Belphoebe Endellion Bloom
    3. Evelake Endellion Bloom
    4. Winterose Clio Alcyone
    5. Genoveva Luna Eirawen

    Orion & Altalune make my favorite BG combo!
    Girls: Sophie, Delphine, Eleanore
    Boys: Christopher "Topher", Gray, Aurelian "Rex"

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    Of the ones listed my favorites are:


    Middle names:

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    My favorites, pretty much in order (this keeps changing), are:

    Ceridwen Mimosa or Ceridwen Sylphide
    Hespera Windermere or Hespera Shalott
    Myristica Tempest or Myristica Chione
    Elbereth Ren or Elbereth Clio
    Tinuviel Cyrene or Tinuviel Elaine

    Admittedly idiosyncratic reasoning: Whenever possible, I tried to pair complexity with comparative accessibility, if not in meaning, then by sound. Along the way, I came to understand that even though there are some "word" names I like, it seems I prefer the relative "veiling" of names whose meanings are shrouded in allusion, history, other language bases, or literature. Thus I eliminated Seawillow and Winterose; I eliminated Lorien because it sounds/reads male to me. Niniane I eliminated because too much of a tongue twister, even on this list. Nienna reminds me of Sienna, Evelake could become Evie and we're swamped with Evies. Everild? Somehow, mixed with Emerald in my mind, cannot make up my mind about the "ild" ending, but this one very nearly made the top five.

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    Winterose, Rhiannon, Genoveva, Evelake, Hespera, Ceridwen, Belphoebe and Altalune are my favourites and the most usable.

    I don't mean this to sound but I did have a little giggle at Seawillow, it just doesn't look like a name and makes me think of sea lions. I couldn't ever imagine having a child in one of my classes named Seawillow, sorry.

    Eilonwy looks like a jumble of letters rather than a name, and pronunciation will be an issue.

    Lorien looks masculine to me, while Myristica seems a little like you've tried to go for the work Mystic/Mystery and it seems a little cheap and I don't say this to offend just the impression I'd get if I saw it on a class list.

    Nienna isn't too bad, and neither is Finvola, Illyria (if I'm saying it right) and Niniane.

    Combo ideas...

    Altalune Pelagia Ren
    Altalune Mimosa Clio
    Altalune Clio Tempest

    Belphoebe Arcadia Shalott
    Belphoebe Tinkersnow Ren
    Belphoebe Endellion Cyrene
    Belphoebe Ludmila Tempest

    Ceridwen Finvola Meadowsweet
    Ceridwen Hespera Tempest
    Ceridwen Stellaluna Shalott

    Genoveva Pelagia Tempest
    Genoveva Endellion Fairlight
    Genoveva Tempest Alcyone

    Hespera Meadowsweet Chione
    Hespera Clio Sylphide
    Hespera Moonbeam Clio
    Hespera Villanelle Evenstar

    Rhiannon Mimosa Belisande
    Rhiannon Tinkersnow Fairlight
    Rhiannon Windemere Cyrene
    Rhiannon Illyra Moonbeam
    Florentina Arleen Belle & River Isaac James

    Zeke Gabriel Asher - Atlas Xavier Louis - Oren Zachary Jude
    Bear William Oscar - Leif Sebastian Arthur
    Pandora Ottilie Winter - Indira Persephone Rose - Elowen Matilda Carys
    Adelaide Junia Scarlet - Clemency Eden Willow

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