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    My top 5 would be:
    1. Winterose Cyrene
    2. Illyria Fairlight
    3. Evelake Mimosa
    4. Genoveva Ren
    5. Rhiannon Pelagia
    All the best,

    Charlotte Noelle
    Baby boy due February 16th, 2013

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    Belphobe Meadowsweet (love Meadowsweet)
    Ceridwen Fairlight
    Ceridwen Meadowsweet
    Winterose Endellion
    Everild Seawillow (I hope its ok that I stole it from your firsts list)
    Hespera Shalott
    Hespera Elaine
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    I'm crossing my fingers that some of your first name picks may also get used as middles. You have so many beauties, one can only hope you'll have an enormous family!

    Hespera LOVE
    Belphoebe LOVE
    Illyria LOVE
    Everild LOVE
    Niniane "Nih-nee-ah-nee" (This one's grown on me. The more I say it to myself the more I enjoy those repeated sounds, the bounciness of it)

    Altalune- YES
    Ceridwen- I don't like the emphasis on "rid"
    Eilonwy- Beautiful, though it does contain the word "ennui"
    Elbereth- sounds lispy to me
    Evelake- YES
    Finvola- can't get past the "vola." I think of voles, or some kind of Finnish olive-oil substitute.
    Genoveva- Much prefer Genevieve or Guinevere or Ginevra, but these are probably too mainstream for you.
    Lorien- YES
    Myristica- Makes me want to slit my wristicas. Sorry! I mean it's better than Nutmeg.
    Nienna- Niniane is better imo
    Rhiannon- Strong. I have a bad association with Rhiannon, so I can't be sure.
    Seawillow- I really like it in theory, but part of me keeps hearing "Seabiscuit."
    Tinuviel- YES
    Winterose (one or two r's?)- Maybe Winterrose? Maybe one of the nameberry linguists will know. Lovely, but I like it as a middle name.

    Middles I favor:
    Endellion, Meadowsweet, Villanelle, Ren, Eirawen, Belisande, Clio, Thalia, Cyrene, Alcyone, Elaine, Mimosa, Windemere, Arcadia, Chione, Fiametta, Sylphide, Stellaluna ALSO, SORRY, BUT DO YOU LIKE GLESNI? It's Welsh, means "blueness, freshness" shares a root with "glass"

    Not wild about:
    Moonbeam (too much of a straightforward hippy name imo)
    Evenstar: Prefer Everild, Evelake
    Fairlight: Prefer Fairly, or Fflur ("fleer")
    Tinkersnow: What is Tinkersnow? When it snows pots and teakettles? I think this name is adorable but also plum crazy!)
    Pelagia: I hope this one's after the jellyfish or the moth, because the saints met terrible ends. Somehow I hear "Bellagio," as in the tacky hotel in Vegas... Dunno, just nms.
    Tempest: Love the play, and the idea of this name; just not sure about the "pest" part
    Ludmila: This one falls into the Brunhilde category for me- suggests a buxom, braided soprano.
    Shalott: While I love the tale, I think "Shalott" itself sounds a lot like shallot, or slot, or schlep, shlump, shlemiel....

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    flick Guest
    Oh, I really like Eilonwy, then! Very pretty! I also really enjoy Niniane, too!

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    My favorites:

    Atalune - Gorgeous!
    Belphoebe - I just love this one.
    Winterose - I'm thinking that I like it with one r.
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    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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