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    Ceridwen Fairlight is stunning
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    Thanks, sweetpeace, Ceridwen is lovely.

    I mentioned Tinuviel, Niniane and Belphoebe to my sister and my father, my father likes Belphoebe and Tinuviel, and my sister likes Niniane and Tinuviel. I don't know... I wish we didn't like so many names.

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    That was the problem I had, I liked too many girl's names.

    Out of those three, my favorite is Tinuviel.

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    Please keep Tinuviel. She just fits so well into your criteria and she sounds exactly like her meaning, KWIM? Sigh.
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    I've not been a part of this discussion lately, but I have been following it, and all I'd like to add is a vote to keep Niniane over Belphoebe or Tinuviel.
    I wouldn't choose a name from invented mythology over one from actual mythology, it somehow seems less powerful, especially alongside your other favourites.

    Two more things, I'm not going to claim any knowledge beyond what google gives me about the characters Belphoebe or Tinuviel, so how worthy they are as namesakes would be hard for me to discuss. I also have to say that my three favourites from your list are (in order) Niniane, Illyria and Belphoebe. Ceridwen is a little sharp, Hespera unnecessarily complicated and Tinuviel too obscure and sugary sweet.
    I love how rhythmic Niniane, Illyria and Belphoebe are, the others are all a little more choppy or hard to say, they don't roll off the tongue as easily. I value rhythm perhaps more than anything else when it comes to names (and music).
    Regardless of where you end up though, the list is absolutely stunning! ^^

    (I also wondered, somewhat secretly, if you've considered using any Norwegian flower names? You mentioned Columbine, it's Akeleie in Norwegian. I was also thinking about Solsikke (sunflower), Alfalfa (lucerne), Soleie/a (buttercup) and Vivendel (honeysuckle), perhaps as sweet middle name options?)
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