View Poll Results: Which Combo for our Xmas Eve twins?

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  • Clara Josephine Collins & Eloise Mary Collins

    27 32.93%
  • Eleanor Ivy Collins "Nora" & Matilda Snow Collins "Tilly"

    34 41.46%
  • Matilda Snow Collins "Tilly" & Eloise Winter Collins

    21 25.61%
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    I voted for Eleanor and Matilda though I like Ivy as a middle name but not Snow.

    I love Josephine. How about Matilda Josephine.

    What about Holly? (As in the Holly and the Ivy)

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    Quote Originally Posted by aubreyjosephine View Post
    Spot-on! We just can't find that many good names that we like that have the Christmas meaning behind them--we're looking for something pretty literal. We love the mn Angeline, but it doesn't work with any of our fave fns.
    As for Mary...we've been through this already. Marion is too masculine for my husband, and Marie is too popular for me. If it was our last resort, I would choose Marie over Mary, but right now our favorite combo is Eleanor & Matilda.

    So, about middle names for Eleanor, we don't really know what to do...We love Matilda Snow, but what to go with it...?
    Matilda Snow and

    Eleanor Ivy: I do think of Holly and Ivy (a beautiful and very religious carol) so the reference is there, but it would be nice if you could find something more directly Christian.

    Eleanor Angeline: I think this could actually work well, though it's longer than Matilda Snow. Otherwise, I don't see a problem.

    Eleanor Claire (for light)
    Eleanor Miriam (same root as Mary)
    Eleanor Dove
    Eleanor Hope
    Eleanor Faith
    Eleanor Seraphine
    Eleanor Natalie (as in birth, Christmas, etc)
    Eloise Pine (I know it's no more Christian than Ivy, but it's pretty cute and Christmasy)
    Eloise Marian (any more feminine with an A?)
    Eloise Noelle
    Eloise Gloria
    Eloise Estelle (for the Star of Bethlehem)
    Eloise Angel
    Eloise Eve (as in Christmas Eve)

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    ty13 & laurendawn: Holly is out of the question for us, first or middle. Holly Collins or Eleanor Holly Collins would drive us crazy.

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    I think if you like your other middles better you could transfer them to your favorite first names and it would hundred percent work -- Matilda Josephine and Eleanor Mary/Maria.

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