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    A nice feminine middle name to go with this?

    So recently I've been thinking about the name Regina. It was number one on my list for a while, some years ago, even before beginning TTC but then it sort of fell off but it has come back onto my radar and I'm remembering how much I love that name. It has such a lovely, rich, regal quality. One of the reasons it fell off my list before though was my inability to find a middle name that I liked to go with it. I like really feminine, romantic names and sweet, vintage classics but nothing seems to work with Regina. Rose was my number one name for longer than any other but when I realized my chosen middle name (Anne) didn't work well with it because when said together it sounded like Roseanne which I hated, it fell into mn potential instead and while I suaully really like the sound and flow of names with alliteration I don't really like Regina Rose and I have absolutely no other ideas!


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    How about Regina Ambrose? Still has Rose in there and I love that Ambrose means "Immortal".

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    Regina Primrose? ( maybe a bit prim and proper)
    Regina Rosalie
    Regina Rosebud

    Non-Rose suggestions
    Regina Juliet
    Regina Josephine
    Regina Felicity
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