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    Well it's your kid, don't care about what other people thinks (unless you're thinking about naming your child something celebrity-weird, then I think an advise here and there might do you good). Arya is a lovely name, it personally makes me think of the Game of Thrones character, but she's not a bad reference so. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by emiliaj View Post
    I rather like Arya- it's quirky and stands out in a soft pleasing way. I pronounced it as you wanted it pronounced first time I read it.
    My suggestion, tell people you're not sure between Isabella or Sophia. Then when she arrives "surprise" she's Arya and people are left speechless and it's too late for them to offer their opinions.
    Ha ha - love this idea!

    Go with your gut. It's served you well with your boys names (I think they're both great) so you must be doing something right. And you're lucky to have found something you both not only agree on but love.

    When my time comes I don't think I'll be sharing ideas with my family beforehand as I know some of my faves can be seen as strange and I don't want to be second guessing once DH and I make up our minds

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    Quote Originally Posted by nat108 View Post
    You live in an English speaking country, right? If so, you realize that Arya is ar-ee-uh? And that ar-yah sounds like "Are ya going to eat that"?

    Little ar-yah will spend her life correcting people who call her ar-ee-uh (I know from personal experience as a tar-ah that is constantly call tair-ah). Why not save her the annoyance and go with ar-ee-uh?
    I don't think its going to be a massive problem at all - we live in a town with a very mixed population and you hear all sorts of names from all over the world without people thinking twice about it.

    I don't like Ar-ee-uh. It doesn't sit well in my mouth and I know I'd just call her Ar-yah anyway. As would my family, my husband, her brothers and our friends, but if she wants to go by that pronunciation on her own I've got no issues with that at all.

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    I honestly think their reaction has more to do with them not being used to the name yet. If they are okay with Poppy and Ruby, which people turned they're nose at when they came back, they'll be okay with Arya in a couple of years - you're just ahead of the curve
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    I would use it regardless of what family said. But I don't plan on sharing with the family until I actually have the baby, it helps a lot. Good luck!
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