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    Helena- pronunciation?

    I really love the name Helena. It's classy, elegant, feminine and strong- the main things I look for in a girl's name. I pronounce it huh-len-ah (second syllable rhyming with "men"), but I haven't seen very many people who pronounce it the same way. Is that an accepted pronunciation, or are only huh-lay-nah and helen-ah "legitimate"?

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    Interesting.... sorry have only heard HEL-en-uh and Huh-LAY-nuh pronunciations
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    Let me say this. I am Greek, I speak Greek, the only proper and legit way to say this in Greek is hel-en-ah. Both E's in the name are made of the same Greek letter, the epsilon, therefore they both make the same sound, therefore the name is pronounced hel-en-ah. I hope I don't sound rude, I'm just trying to explain this for the millionth time on here :P

    Honestly, I have no idea where hel-lay-nah comes from. It's not a proper Greek pronunciation. As for yours, I've never heard it pronounced that way, and I would suggest you just shift your pronunciation slightly to hel-len-ah as it's the closest to what your going for and is the one that gets you the mythological "strong and beautiful" woman connection you want ^_^ It's a gorgeous name when pronounced correctly ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    While Helena - when pronounced huh-lay-nuh - is not the typical Greek pronunciation, it certainly wouldn't be "wrong" for you to pronounce it like that. Names are pronounced differently in different parts of the globe. A Spanish girl named Elena would never pronounce her name EL-en-ah. A British woman named Sara would pronounce it SAHR-uh, a French woman SAH-ruh whereas an American would say SER-uh. (I should know, seeing as that's the name on my passport!) I know a Dutch Helena and an American Helena, and they both say huh-lay-nuh. It's all a matter of preference and background.

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    I knew of two and recently discovered a third: Heh-LEH-na, Heh-LAY-na, Heh-LEE-na.
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