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    Nellie is also a nn for Noelle or Janelle.

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    Why not just use the name Nellie if you like it so much? Then you don't have to worry about a nickname at all.
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    There's Nella, but might be a bit close to the ever- popular Bella.

    You could always do a First-middle name combo, like:
    Niamh (Neve) Adele nn Nellie
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    I think Anneliese nn Nellie could totally work! My only other thought has already been mentioned--Noelle. I think something like Danielle/Daniella could also get the nn Nellie. I don't know if you really wanted to use Danielle up front, though...
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    I'm not sure I love Nellie enough to use it as a stand a lone name. I just think it is a super cute nickname. I think I could make Anneliese nn Nellie stick and when she got older she could go by whichever she wanted. Chances are I would call her Anneliese plus a variety of the nicknames. I tend to switch things up. Thanks for the input and suggestions everyone.

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