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    Could Nellie be a nickname for this?

    I've recently started like the nickname Nellie. I don't care for Eleanor, Helen or Helena, which I've read are where the nickname Nellie came from. I also don't care for Penelope, which to me is the most obvious way to get Nellie.

    Would Anneliese nickname Nellie work? Also, any suggestions for other full names to get to Nellie would be appreciated.
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    I think Anneliese could work, though it isn't the most intuitive. If you wanted to nickname an Anneliese "Nellie," I think you'd have to be proactive in calling her that around friends and family. Otherwise, I think Annie or Liese/Lisa would crop up more naturally.

    Other ideas:
    Cornelia or Cornella
    Annabelle - I think that this, though similar to Anneliese, might be a hint less of a stretch since the "elle" at the end is more prominent

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    Nellie was on the top of my list for it so much. It was my great grandmother's name but my dad couldn't remember what her real name was b/c she was just always known as Nellie. I don't like any of the usuals like Eleanor, Helen, etc. I did some research and found out my great grandmother was Lillian! Don't think Nellie would come naturally but I think like a pp said, if you're proactive and start the nickname early then people will follow. Plus I love Anneliese and Nellie certainly makes more sense here than w/ Lillian! Point is, use the name you like and just start calling her Nellie! I also like just plain Nell nn Nellie.

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    I agree with PP -- Nell is my favorite.
    I went to a college with a Nellwyn, though she went by her full name.

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    Nellie definitely could be given as a nickname for a Penelope.
    The thing is though, if you're not loving the name completely, I don't think you should use it.
    I think it sounds weird and somewhat out of place for Anneliese.

    Other names that could be used:
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