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    Gabrielle is a name that I really love even though it goes against so many things I don't normally like. I normally don't like names that end in elle/ella. I don't care for many french names. I don't like biblical names. I don't like Brielle on its own. I normally don't care for name what start with the letter G all that much (except for Gemma, Gideon and a few others).

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    I like Gabrielle, but do prefer the full name rather than any of its nicknames. My main problem with Gabrielle is remembering how each of my friends with the name pronounces it--some say Goh-bre-elle (like the "o" in hot), others, Gah-bre-elle (like the "a" in cat). I know a few of them and have had to really work to keep their preference straight in my mind.

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    Oh, the husband factor. I feel your pain!
    Mine drove me nuts, saying no to everything but making very few suggestions of his own. In the end I made a list of my top five names and then left five blank spaces below for my husband to add his (he couldn't come up with that many). We were then allowed to veto anything we really really hated and that left us with 2/3 final contenders including Gabrielle (my preference). I must admit in the end I reminded him that our first daughter's name was really 'his' pick so maybe it was my turn for final say.
    Fave names: Astrid, Anise, Annika, Cleo, Gabrielle, Holly, Marnie, Mardi, Miranda, Miriam, Poppy, Sydney

    I'm from Australia, so when I'm referring to popularity I'm using Aussie lists.

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    thanks for the tip! I will try way he could come up with 5! ha

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