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    It's my 8 month old daughter's name and I love it. I am really happy with our decision and have had lots of compliments on her name so far.

    Some of my reasons for picking it were that to me it is a strong 'grown up' name while still being feminine. Funny that people are saying it sounds 'frilly' to them - I don't see this, although I think Gabriella is more girly. It is recognisable so (hopefully) easy for most people to spell & pronounce, but not too poplar. It also has lots of good nickname options, as pp; I know Gabby is a bit controversial & many people seem to dislike it, but we like it, although Gabs seems to be emerging as her most usual nn and sometimes Gib-Gab. I do like Ellie too.

    Regarding the sib-set issue; I think that it is best just to pick good names; your children will only be defined as part of a set for a small part of their life, but they will carry their name for all their life.

    Gabrielle was also one of the VERY few names that my husband & I agreed on; my top pick was actually Astrid, nn Didi, but hubby vetoed it (as I did many of his suggestions). My signature includes a lot of my other shortlisted options, which may be of interest?

    Good luck with your choice, I'm interested to see what you pick!
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    Fave names: Astrid, Anise, Annika, Cleo, Gabrielle, Holly, Marnie, Mardi, Miranda, Miriam, Poppy, Sydney

    I'm from Australia, so when I'm referring to popularity I'm using Aussie lists.

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