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    Thoughts on Gabrielle?

    My mom suggested Gabriella last night to me which I thought was just ew. But I've been thinking about it and kind of like Gabrielle nn Gabby. But it's SO not my normal style..wondering what people think of this name? Pretty/cheesy/overdone/etc?? Any feedback. I feel like my brain may be going to mush from all the baby name obsessing and I just don't trust myself anymore!! ahah

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    I like Gabrielle. But I don't like Gabby at all, in fact Gabby is my main problem with considering it.

    I like the feminizations of angel names: Gabrielle, Arielle, Raphaela, Raziela, Katriela, etc. I wouldn't call Gabrielle my favourite but it IS probably one of the most classic and well-known of them, and fairly straightfoward to spell.

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    I like Gabrielle a lot! Better than Gabriella, although I do love both. I really love Ella/Bella/Ari/Arie/Elle as nicknames, too, but lately I've really come around to Gabby! I think it's really cute. I do think Gabrielle's much more mainstream than your daughter's name, though. Don't know if that bothers you. I think Mhairi and Gabrielle/Gabby are cute together, though.
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    I like Gabrielle, but prefer Gabriella, ideally spelled Gabriela.

    I didn't like the nn Gabby until I met the most gorgeous, and very lovely, 3 year old nicknamed Gabby. She was so dynamic, and mature, she seemed more like 5. Calling her Gabby made me like the sound of it more.
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    I don't like Gabriella..I don't like when the name has that ella type ending..too princessy feeling. I was going to ask if Gabrielle sounded silly w/ Mhairi b/c they're not similar. But I do also think Ellie would be a cute nickname for Gabrielle. Mhairi and Ellie is cute. I like Gabby too though. I'm due December 23rd, hence the Gabrielle idea. I'm not fond of most Christmas style names but this one is growing on me.

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