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    Eva! Genevieve seems so dull compared to Eva (and Genoveva, my favourite).

    Eva Primrose is beautiful, Eva Coralie in the second place. Genevieve Lyra is my favourite Genevive combo.

    Oh, and suggestions! Please forgive me for these, it was simply too much fun!

    Eva Asherah
    Eva Marian
    Eva Oriane
    Eva Rixende
    Eva Thomasin
    Eva Ursula
    Genevieve Constance
    Genevieve Maud
    Genevieve Crimson
    Genevieve Blue

    Eva Pascaline
    Eva Marion
    Eva Melisande
    Eva Violette
    Eva Ophélie
    Eva Philomène
    Genevieve Faustine
    Genevieve Photine
    Genevieve Lilou
    Genevieve Solenne
    Genevieve Salomé
    Genevieve Romane

    Eva Mimosa
    Eva Calluna
    Eva Datura
    Eva Dahlia
    Eva Amaranth
    Eva Eglantine
    Eva Meadowsweet
    Eva Bellonaria
    Eva Lavendula
    Eva Passiflora
    Genevieve Snowdrop
    Genevieve Cedar
    Genevieve Bluebell
    Genevieve Lunaria
    Genevieve Euphrasia
    Genevieve Anemone
    Genevieve Honeysuckle
    Genevieve Dracaena
    Genevieve Sweetpea
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    Thanks, ladies!

    @beedub, I love Genevieve Iris and Genevieve Odette! I already have Liliana Odette Pearl, and I'm trying to avoid repeating, but Genevieve Iris is a consideration!

    @ottilie, haha, wow, most people I've come across say Eva's dull and Genevieve's the more interesting one! In one day, though, I came across two little Genevieves, and I've only ever met one little girl called Eva, so I'm wondering. I'm not sure if Genevieve's apparent popularity in my area bothers me or not. Thanks for the suggestions, though! Most of them were a bit out-there for me, haha, but I do sort of like Eva Ophelie and Eva Dahlia.

    I'm also considering Eva Daphne and Eva Zinnia, wdyt of those? I like the idea of something like Eva Zinnia Claire. I had rejected Eva Zinnia earlier, but I keep coming back to it. Quirky AND floral, which I love, haha.
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    Eva Zinnia Claire is lovely!

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