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Thread: Eleanor

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    I like the Elinor spelling the best. I really like it as a name but over here most people would pronounce it 'ell-eh-na' instead of 'el-eh-nor' so I probably wouldn't use it as that would just irk me all the time.

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    I really like Eleanor. I never can decide which spelling I like the most,I go through phases when I can't stand names with a's in them, and then I prefer Elinor.

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    I have an Eleanor and I love the name just-so, but she gets sooooo many different nicknames. E, Els, Elsie, Elsie Bells, Ellie (not my favourite, but what can you do?!?), Smell n' Snore, Smelly...

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    I like Eleanor...though slightly prefer Ellen.

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    I really like Eleanor. Sometimes I prefer Elinor. I even went through and Eilionoir phase.

    I like Elle, Nell and Nora.
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