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Thread: Eleanor

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    What do you think of Eleanor? Do you prefer a different spelling? Is Ella a good nn?
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    I knew a mean girl named Eleanor, so I would never use it, but it is a great, classic name with great namesakes. I like this spelling the best; Elinor just doesn't look right to me.

    I love the nickname Ellie, but Ella works well, too.
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    I love Eleanor! If I didn't like Eloise so much, then Eleanor would definitely be high on my list. I think Ella is a great nickname as is Ellie, Leni, or Nora. I also know a little toddler Eleanor who get's called E (pronounced ee) which I think is pretty sweet. I also like the Eleanor spelling best. I believe it's the spelling I'm most used to seeing, so it appears "correct". Good luck!
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    I love Eleanor! It's very elegant, and not too popular (although it has been climbing in past years). I prefer the spelling now, Elinor doesn't seem finished to me. Like the previous poster's suggestion of the nickname "Nora"! I think Nora is adorable on a little girl, but a nn that will age well also. Good luck!

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    I adore Eleanor! I don't mind the Elinor or even the Alienor spelling as it evokes a medieval feel, which I love.

    Ella works, but I much prefer Nell or Nora.

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