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  • Charles Emerson

    25 56.82%
  • Thomas Greenaway

    17 38.64%
  • Sidney Ferrell

    8 18.18%
  • Donald Emerson

    1 2.27%
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    Charles, Thomas or ...? - C-section is Friday!

    Hello, we are trying to make a final decision by Friday for this wonderful little boy that is about to come into the world. He will be little brother to Peter Wesley. You all have helped me so much in coming down to these finalists. Thank you.

    A note on Sidney. It is a last minute name we both like. Is it feminine or a good match with Peter?

    Donald - I find it so sweet but maybe too old fashioned? I don't want him to get picked on.

    Please help with one last vote.

    Take care, Liz

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    I like Charles and Thomas with Peter so it came down to the middle name choices. Because the "s" in Charles and the beginning vowel in Emerson blend together, I'm going to have to vote for Thomas Greenaway. Sidney would be my third choice. Donald Trump ruins that name for me it comes up last. Good luck on Friday and let us know your final decision by posting a Birth Announcment.
    All the best,

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    I think Thomas Greenaway is wonderful! I do love Sidney though... but not with Ferrell. If it had been Sidney Greenaway or Sidney Emerson, that would've been my vote.
    And Sidney is not feminine to me, it would look cute with Peter! good luck!

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    Charles gets my vote. I love Charlie.
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    I voted for Donald, though I also love Thomas Greenaway... I like the Scottish strength of Donald, the roundness and weightiness of it. Also, the Edward Gorey book "Donald Has a Difficulty," about a little boy who gets a splinter in his foot.

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