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    Just looked at some lists... what about

    Ivy London (as in jack)
    Ivy Frost (again, like jack)

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    I am all about feminine! I love Ivy Elizabeth. My second pick would be Ivy Gray. How about:

    Ivy Camille
    Ivy Eloise
    Ivy Amelia
    Ivy Catherine
    Ivy Isabelle

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    What about Ivy Josephine? It's got the literary reference (Little Women), the tomboyish spunk, the perfect number of syllables to match Cora Annaliese, and Ivy Jo is just way too friggin cute.

    Other suggestions:
    Ivy Evangeline
    Ivy Thoreau
    Ivy Evergrace
    Ivy Clementine (too botanical?)
    Ivy Penelope
    Ivy Melusine
    Ivy Dulcibel (so spunky! wow. maybe too much?)
    Ivy Georgette
    Ivy Angelica
    Ivy Thomasina
    Ivy Marguerite
    Ivy Cimorene
    Ivy Philippa
    Ivy Odette
    Ivy Elsavetta (If Elizabeth is too common for you, check out this list of variations:
    Ivy Celestine
    Ivy Devereaux (LOVE)
    Ivy Adrienne
    Ivy Geraldine
    Ivy Danielle
    Ivy Alexandra
    Ivy Dorothea
    Ivy Charlemagne (guilty pleasure name, right here! It's so harsh looking but with such an airy sound!)
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    Ivy Elizabeth is gorgeous. Ivy Juliette is also pretty. Not sure if that was suggested or not. Some others...

    Ivy Caroline
    Ivy Meredith
    Ivy Madeleine
    Ivy Sophia
    Ivy Scarlett
    Ivy Juliana
    Ivy Gabrielle
    Ivy Alexandra (Love this one)
    Ivy Louise/Louisa

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