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    Ivy Ottoline
    Ivy Mirabel

    We strongly considered Ivy Elizabeth (my mn) for our daughter, but ended up at Ivy Coraline - guess that wouldn't work for you
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    Well, Tennyson is kind of interesting.. though I might prefer naming her after a female character from Tennyson.

    What about Ivy Elaine, for the Lady of Shalott?
    Ivy Guinevere? Love that. Or Genevieve, if you want a more modern version of the same name.
    Ivy Maud?

    I for one, am getting pretty sick of Gray. I think the name has become popular because of that "20 Shades of Gray" book. Ivy is a plant that suggests age and overgrowth.. so it has a mysterious, antique feeling. But together with Gray, I just think of dust and death.
    How about Crimson (thinking of Tennyson's "Now sleeps the crimson petal, now the white..") It's got the "son" sound you like, and such an excellent weighty, romantic quality.
    Ivy Crimson

    Ivy Elizabeth is lovely too.

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    Thank you for all of the wonderful suggestions! I loved Ivy Julienne and Ivy Madison!
    I dont think my husband will go for Ivy Tennyson which I lobe! He would totally do Ivy Elizabeth but I just don love it! I,mean I think it sounds great but Elizabeth seems like suvh a typical middle name, where Tennyson is so unique on a girl!

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    Ivy Crimson would be fantastic. If you don't use it, I might snatch it!

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