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    Middle Names for Ivy

    My husband and I decided on Ivy for our second girls option. Our first is Cora Annaliese, which we LOVE! Now we are just trying to come up with a for Ivy, which is proving very difficult! Here are my thoughts....

    I love the sound of Ivy Tennyson or Ivy Emerson or Ivy Harper... love the tomboyish literary refference along with short sweet and cute Ivy. Although I really dont like the name Elizabeth at all, I still think Ivy Elizabeth sounds AWESOME. My husband agrees the longer names sound best, arpund 3 or 4 sylables.

    My husband came up with Ivy Gray last night which he absolutely loves but I do not like. It sounds tpo 'Gray'! I suggested Grayson, and other color names, none of which he liked.

    We would love some help, berries!

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