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    Post Thoughts on this name?

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    Evelyn Lucille Desiree... Honestly it feels a bit disconnected to me. Feels like a list of names rather than a complete name. Evelyn is very sweet/old-fashioned. Lucille is also an old name, but sounds more modern and sleek to me. It means "light" and is my favorite of the three. I think of Desiree as distinctly French or African American. It's lovely, and means "desired," but seems out of place with Evelyn. How about:

    Desiree Lucille Oceane
    Desiree Lucille Clarisse
    Desiree Lucille Azure
    Lucille Desiree Sky
    Lucille Desiree Ondine
    Evelyn Lucille Marguerite
    Evelyn Lucille Sylvie
    Evelyne Lucille Celeste

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    Not sure if you have to have 2 MN? I really like Evelyn Lucille. But very much dislike the addition of Desiree. I don;t think Desiree fits w/ the first two names at all. I am a big fan of just one middle name..even though I have 2 myself. I def love Evelyn Lucille though.

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    I agree that Evelyn Lucille is a great combo, but Desiree just doesn't quite fit. Something more classic or simple:

    Evelyn Lucille Faye
    Evelyn Lucille Dawn
    Evelyn Lucille Avery
    Evelyn Lucille Linden

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