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    Scratch Ivy Devereaux off my list... doesnt sound good with our last name.

    Im not sure about Ivy Josephine. I thought Ivy Jo was SO cute at first, but then thought maybe it sounded too redneck. Like Bobby Jo or Jim Bob. Not sure... love the fact that there was a Jo in little women though!

    I think Ivy Tennyson is SO cute but I dont think I can convince my husband!

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    I love Ivy Elizabeth as well. A longer, more feminine sounding name would work well with Ivy. How about:
    Ivy Theodora
    Ivy Amelia
    Ivy Catalina
    Ivy Aurelia
    Something your husband might like more:
    Ivy Jane
    Ivy Skye
    Ivy Kate
    Ivy Liv
    Ivy Grace (sounds close to Grey)

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