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    Destiny Extended Congrats Game (round 1)

    I really enjoy doing these so I hope you do too.
    If there's anything you like or dislike let me know, i'll try to change.


    First Round you make a family with Parents and Childre. You choose parent's ages.
    For Children
    4-10 (you choose)
    Genders: Odd-Male Even-Female
    Roll for Ages
    1. 20
    2. 15
    3. 16
    4. adopted you choose age
    5. 14
    6. 18
    7. 19
    8. 21
    9. 17
    10. multiple with another child, you choose who

    Roll for First and Middle Names of Parents and Children
    1. Boys: (from any of the original combos)
    Girls: (from any of the original combos)
    2. (dutch, fantasy, serbian and kreatyve)
    3. Boys: Tommy, Javier, Josh, Woody, Garret, Barry, Stephen, Rodger, Zach, Chip, Frank, Richie, Huey, Sam, Lou, Nate, Freddie, Moses, Alfonso, Jimmy, Ruben, Michael, Robert, Ray, Joe, Paul, Neo, Tony, Mike, Billy, Chuck, Teddy, Henry, Charles, Tom, Rodin, Emerson, Zec, Charlie, Vlad, James, Michael, Jeb, Cash, Rob, Gary, Denver, Christian, Leo, Sonny,
    Girls: Kelly, Tess, Beth, Ana, Kitty, Eva, Ruby, Laurie, Lorraine, Gina, Catherine, Helen, Sandy, Abigail, Adelaide, Audrey, Charlotte, Emma, Esme, Eve, Finn, Flynn, Gabriella, Genevieve, Grace, Imogen, Lucasta, Matilda, Maude, Nadia, Penelope, Sophia, Thea, Valerie, Violet, Waverly, Wren, Monet, Hero, Thisbe, Samira, Harbor, Jane, Lucille, Abbey, Sage, Seraphina, Mackenzie, Whitney, Verity
    4. (wrestler, iranian, celtic myth and xalaxxi)
    5. Boys:
    6. Boys: (first or last names)
    7. Starts with H
    8. Unisex Names
    11. (Virginia, 1963)
    12. Boys: Benjamin, Wyatt, Eli, Ping, Bamboo, Oliver, Sam, Bear, Leonard, Rafael, Fendi, Harper, Sheldon, Larry, Smile, Huff, Kato, Rico, Sasha, Jem, Gaston, Emilio, Shadow, Norbert, Graham, Midnight, Vern, Comet, Captain, Jack, Casper, Baron, Colton, Tom, Jonesy, Berlin, Max, Wyborn, Jazzie, Taloose, O'Malley, Tim, Julius, Frankie, Winston, Camber, Lucifer, Patrick, Tuck, Tommy
    Girls: Lizzy, Trixie, Fiona, Mikala, Calypso, Marigold, Ally, Jynxa, Annie, Sophie, Missy, Kebibi, Esmarelda, Bamboo, Daisy, Olga, Danica, Zoey, Tia, Velvety, Sam, Patti, Sephora, Sue, Tango, Teresa, Ginny, Harper, Precious, Smile, Janie, Kato, Doux, Annabelle, Halle, Mia, Sarita, Sasha, Jem, Sassy, Kiara, Margarita, Mimosa, Nyla, Velma, Eloise, Nellie, Bella, Shadow, Tanya
    13. Boys:
    14. Boys: Frank, Sidney, Domino, Mose, Grayson, Binx, Cassius, Bartholomew, Tiger, Cassius, Ethan, Roman, Nicolas, Paris, Eddie, Del, Charger, Robert, Boris, Skywalker, Tank, Wally, Trooper, Sage, Rowan, Melvin, Halo, Ford, Bud, Blue, Simon, Micky, Leinie, Surly, Scout, Gus, Ryan, Elway, Ellison, Cade, Mason, Bixby, Oakley, Jaba, Scooter, Brighton, Finley, Ribet, Preston, Spice
    Girls: Sheila, Sidney, Annie, Grayson, Tiger, Paris, Jenny, Rainna, Del, Skywalker, Tink, Eva, Sage, Tala, Jilly, Hazel, Rowan, Emilia, Sadie, Lovey, Halo, Blue, Bacall, Micky, Leinie, Stella, Scout, Mariana, Ellison, Allie, Oakley, Brighton, Frannie, Finley, Summer, Gracie, Racha, Torta, Nilla, Katelyn, Spice, April, Elliot, Lady, Isabel, Lily, Gypsy, Polly, Delight, Jezebel
    15. 9 letters long
    17. One Syllable
    19. (use no inspirations)
    20. (all categories)

    Roll for Last Names
    4. Contains a T and W
    6. Contains a D and B
    8. (scroll on top)
    9. (last name of scientist)
    10. Ends with B

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    Parents: Heath Finn Bingen & Caitlyn Laurie {De Luca} Bingen

    DD: Caryl Heather Bingen (20)

    DAD: Fiona Helen Bingen (18)

    DD: Yvonne Mikala Bingen (16)

    DD: Charlene Kyleigh Bingen (14)

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    DW: Lily Claire Newton
    DH: Adam Henry Joan

    DS: Caleb Henry [21]
    DD: Anna Hazel [20]
    DD: Lucy Caroline [17]
    DD: Elizabeth Katharine [16] "Beth"

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    DH: Diarmait Ottorino Tannehill - 48
    DW: Ruby Mariana Tannehill - 45

    Francesca Mary *Frankie* Tannehill - 20
    Georgiana Harley *Georgie* Tannehill - 19
    Jude Colin *Jace* Tannehill - 18
    Pearl Anastasia Tannehill - 17 (adopted from Russia)
    Elliot Douglas Tannehill - 16
    Heath Winston Tannehill - 15
    Ford Benjamin Tannehill - 14

    Diarmait & Ruby with Frankie, Georgie, Jace, Pearl, Elliot, Heath, and Ford
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    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    bailey axton // jack banning // wesley reid
    mia ashlyn // halle brooke // bellamy prescott

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