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    Longer but Fun Baby Name Game - Part #1

    Use this dice:

    You have had a really hard life. When you were four, your dad began to sexually abuse you and your siblings. One night you father disappeared. Your mom tried to raise her children, but it was too hard without a steady income. One night she left and never came back. When you were six, you and your two sisters and brothers had to live on the streets to make ends meet.

    You, your mom, and your sisters fn’s:
    Girl middle names:

    Brothers fn and mn:

    You are six, your older sister is 8, your other older sister is 11, and your brother is 2.
    Names -
    Sister (11):
    Sister (8):
    You (6):
    Brother (2):

    One day a nice police man comes and finds you begging for money. He takes you to a orphan home. You stay there until you are 9, your sisters are 11 and 14, and your brother is 5. Finally a couple decides they want to adopt all of you since they can’t have any children on their own.

    You love them the second you meet them and you are so happy that you will finally have a family.

    Your dad decides to go on a family trip, so you board a plane and head for Europe. As you are traveling in the plane, you hear an emergency sound. You look over and see everybody crying and saying goodbye to loved ones. Soon, you realize that the plane is plummeting down.

    Two weeks later you wake up in the hospital. At first the doctors think you are paralyzed, but you surprise them and do fine. The doctor tells you that the plane fell and everybody in it died except you, your second oldest sister, and two other boys from the plane.

    Your grandma (the person who adopted you’s mom) and grandpa happily take you and your sister in.

    You grow up content at your grandparents and a lot of money inherited from your parents, but you wish that you still lived with your mom, dad, and dead siblings.
    When you are 11, and your sister is 13, the two of you decide to go tricker treating in your neighbor hood. As you are tricker treating you see a boy who keeps looking at you funny. He looks familiar but you aren’t sure how you know him.

    The next day, the boy named (Below), knocks at your door and introduces himself as (Below). He tells you that he is one of the surviving boys on the plane crash and that he recognized you from the hospital 2 month stay (but you don’t really remember him). You immediately take up a liking to his beautiful big eyes and his quirky personality and the two of you become fast friends.

    His name -

    Over the years the two of you become best friends. He likes you, but you don’t really like him - just as a friend.

    When you are 18, you decide to go to (College). The two of you part as he decides to study (Choice) at a different college.

    At your college, you meet a really nice man and the two of you fall in love. His name is:

    He proposes to you and you have a wonderful honey moon in (Choice).

    Part 2 coming very soon!

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