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    Name 5 kids game

    I guess most of you are familliar with these type of games.
    You basically answer the question and tied to your answer is a name.

    In this one, you firstly have to answer a question with 2 possible answers. This will determine if the baby is a boy or a girl. Then you answer the question for the gender you got. You answer the question and get a first name, and you have to pick out a middle name all by yourself (I wanted to give you guys a little more input). You will repeat this 5 times.

    I hope you guys enjoy this!

    Baby #1

    Is your favourite colour blue?
    Yes- Girl
    No- Boy

    Girl: What kind of vacation do you prefer?
    Beach vacation- Amabel
    wintersport vacation- Sonora
    adventurous vacation- Malia
    Other- Jelena

    Boy: What is your favourite movie genre?
    Romance- Bryce
    Comedy- Sylvester
    Horror- Jason
    Thriller- Linden
    Action- Parker
    Other- Graham

    Baby #2

    Do you prefer Winter or Summer?

    Winter- Girl
    Summer- Boy

    Girl: How many bookcases do you have in your home? (shelves do not count!)
    4+ - Mariah
    3- Alexandria
    2- Eliora
    1- Samara
    0- Melinda

    Boy: What was/is your favourite subject in highschool?
    History- Zachariah
    Math- Augustus
    Your native language- Elisha
    A foreign language- Orson
    PE- Felix
    Biology- Nikolai
    Other- Jasper

    Baby #3

    Veggies or Meat?
    Veggies- Girl
    Meat- Boy

    Girl: What is your ideal number of pets?
    5+- Alana
    4- Irina
    3- Juliana
    2- Parisa
    1- Reina
    0- Camille

    Boy: What kind of pets are your favourite:
    Cats- Sterling
    Dogs- Bronson
    any type of rodent- Shiloh
    Fish- Royce
    Other- Andrew (also choose other if you can't decide between two types)

    Baby #4

    Text or phonecall?
    Text- Girl
    Phonecall- Boy

    Girl: Favourite piece of clothing:
    Dress: Magdalena
    Pants/Leggings: Felicia
    Skirt: Pia
    Shirt/Top: Alexis
    Underwear/brah: Livia
    Other- Chelsea

    Boy: Favourite colour:
    Blue- Micah
    red- Nico
    yellow- Tobias
    Green- Jonathan
    Purple- Nathaniel
    Other- Brent

    Baby #5

    fried egg or boiled egg?
    Boiled- Girl
    Fried- Boy

    Girl: How many hours do you averagely spent behind the computer each day?
    8-10 - Adelaide
    5-7 - Emilia
    2-4 - Tamara
    0-1- Paloma

    Boy: Amount of floors/stories of your house?
    3+- Julius
    2- Mitchell
    1- Leon
    (appartements also fall under the 1 floor categorie)
    Mother to darling Mika Felicia and expecting another princess in August

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