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    Today I like Lucine Simone! It would be very cool to be able to change your name when ever you wanted to!

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    I would like to be Catherine because of the many nickname possibilities.
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    I love my name but if i had to choose again Alaina or Ayla
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    This fascinates me, thank you all!

    Like many pp, I like my name, think it suits me, and can't imagine being anything else. I am really intrigued by people who feel they could happily change their name - I've never met anyone who feels that way, and always felt that your name kind of grows with you, so whilst I wanted to change mine when I was about 8, by my the time I was 18 it felt right and changing it would be so strange... as if I tried to change who I was...

    If I had to change, it would be to something which has already been hinted at in some way by family members and friends - as if they are the ones who really decide! e.g. Bea(trice) which my brother used to call me as a joke, or Jenny which was my mum's second-choice girls' name.

    I note that I'm (at least) the 3rd contented Catherine in this thread and maybe its versatility is partly to thank for that - I've gone from Catherine to Kitty to Cath to Cathy to Cassy to Cas and back to Catherine in 35 years. Good choice mum & dad!
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    I'm satisfied enough with my name, but if I were to change it ... Maybe Magdalena Susanna, or Magdalena Lucia?

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