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    I really like the name my mom wanted for me, Cassandra Jean, and I would go by Cassie or CJ.

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    My name is Olivia Catherine and I was born in the late 90's (yeah, I know...), so while it was stylish when I was born, I grew up with younger Olivia's suddenly appearing in increasing numbers. I wish I'd asked people to call me Via when I was younger, but it's a bit late now.

    That being said, if I had to re-name myself now, I would pick another classic, feminine name popular in a decade not my own: Isabel! But this time I'd go by the cuter, spunkier Izzie, while still having the class Isabel as my proper name. For a middle name I'd probably pick Hermione because of the heroine of the Harry Potter series. Isabel Hermione, in my opinion, is beautiful, and Izzie is so cute!

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    I wouldn't change my name because I think it is perfect! If I had to, I would choose Elizabeth.

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    I like my name, but if I had to change it, I would change it to Primrose Mabel for the nickname Prim and after my great grandmother

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    Having a more plain name (Fay), I've always loved the name Francine. It has been my name crush forever. I would change it to Francine Elizabeth if I could.

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