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    Ahhh, I have no real idea. I'm still hunting for the right name for my own name change, but my latest ideas I believe was something like: London Elle, I later realised it was too sugary/fake.

    I have a love for the name Ashley, but not for it's common ranking of #2 the year I was born. And for Aubrey, which is too juvenile imo, and my younger (male) cousin's name.
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    I did change my name back when I was 18 to Samantha Scarlett, and I do like my current name however....

    If I was picking a completely new name and was changing it now, I'd go with Lucille, I've always loved that name.

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    I would pick Sarah or Kate...something simple and common

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    I like the originality of my name (Tressa) but I dont like that people have trouble with it.

    I'd like to be Ruthie or Clare.
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    Kite. I think I would like being a Kite. Maybe it'd be short for something, maybe not. Even though I have no problem with my real name other than people thinking I've misspelled it (My name's Kirsten but everyone thinks it's Kristen, ha!)
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