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    I'd steal a middle name from each of my DDs

    Katherine Rain.
    Mum to Mousie, Foo, Bumptious and Pudding.

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    I like my name, but I feel like my first name is too popular. If I were to rename myself, I'd keep my middle name, and have my first name be Lily or Madeline. I feel like those name really fit me. BUT, unfortunately, Lily is my cousin's name, and Madeline is my friend's name.

    So realistically, if I were to rename myself, I'd probably just go by my middle name, Blaise, because I love it so much. Or I could shake it up and go by Blaisi!
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    Well, my full name is Rea Eleonora (I usually go by Leonora though). I really love my name and I would never like to change it. It is so sweet and feminine, the combination is perfect and the way it is pronounced in German very beautiful. If I had to change it though, I would choose Daniella Marina. Daniella is my mother´s first name and Marina a Latin name meaning of the sea

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    I would love to change my name to Iris Patricia Ann. I had actually planned to until it clicked that my neighbor's daughter—who is my age—is named Iris.

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