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    Oct 2012
    My name isn't too terrible, but if I could change it I would go more feminine and pretty.

    Francine Maria

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    This is something I've been thinking about lately. Now, it might be the hormones and stress of finding the name for my baby. But I've really been resenting my own name recently.

    If I were to change my name today it would be to Eleanor Patricia Jean. All three names honor and I think I would make one heck of a Nell. That's actually why Eleanor was dropped from my girl's list. I had one of those 'I like it more for me' moments.

    So, yeah, it's probably the hormones and it'll pass. Until then though, it's something for me to think about...
    now @finch

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    I would change it to Sarah Marie. I always loved the name Sarah!

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    I really like my name and I think it suits me. But if I changed it I'd probably choose Eleanor for a first name. I think Eleanor sounds smart and professional but Ellie as a nickname is fun and lighthearted.
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    go straight , hang a left at the light and ill be on nunyabusiness dr :)
    Man, I would totally choose something exotic.. not trendy ,but a bit spicier than Brittany. I mean I like Brittany, over the years I kinda loathed my name bc it was so common and wished my mom named me one of my runner up ames like Celeste. But now I've learned to like it, Brittany is bubbly and youth like my personality, plus I'm grateful I didn't get saddle with a name that attracts ridicule... My dad was gonna name me Arcadia . As soon as I learned to talk I'd change my name xD ... Any who... um I think I go for Isis solene(SO-lehn), yasmine Elise, Neila(NEE-luh) Gabrielle, Thea, pronounced the Norwegian way TAY-uh... So it'd be Thea Marcellette , or Thea(TAY-yuh) Jeanette .. yeah one of those... or maybe just Thea , I really love the sound of Thea Jeanette.... this name is going to my faves xD
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