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    What about Bixby Indiana? nn Bix.
    I agree with a previous poster, why not just name him Indy? Or Indiana? Or Indigo?

    From your list, I love Jesse. I have a soft spot for that one. And Jesse Indiana sounds like hell on wheels (in the best way).
    Have you considered Wilder or Wiley? They have a similar feel to me.

    Van is not my favorite. Mostly because it reminds me of that SNL sketch with Chris Farley, the "van down by the river" guy.

    Good luck!

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    I think Beau would be cute-but maybe not as "hard" a name as the others. I like Rhys and Knox too- Also like Rex. I think Van works fine but I too like Vaughn better. I also like Vince! I think Vince Dash and Mack would be cute. I don't think you want another "A" sound. I also love Walt-though again, maybe doesn't have the same edginess of the others, but it has the same hard stop at the end.

    And I think Indy/Indiana, Indigo, would work with Indy, or even Inigo?

    I like Dash, Mack, and Walt
    followed by
    Dash, Mack, and Rex (I also like Lex, as in Lex Luther!) I'd name him Lexton though after various namesakes.


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    I like Knox best with your other names.

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    thanks everyone!! I think I am more confused now : ) (and entertained because I just watched the mentioned Chris Farley clip of my favorite as it reminds me of when my husband dressed up as him Halloween and said that line like 50505 times in one night!!) I love the name Rafe and Rafferty but my husband hates it. I can't do Vince because Vincent is my maiden name and my middle childs middle name. I have never thought about the Beck/Mack issue so maybe that is out. I just can't see myself naming the baby Indiana even though I love it in the middle name spot. I have always loved Wilder and Wylie - however the sons I already have are pretty wild and crazy and I am hoping this kid likes to sit still and read books instead of climb and jump and if he is named Wilder I doubt that will happen : ) but maybe it would fit him perfectly! Do you think of Knox as trendy?? too celebrity insipired??

    My 2 and 4 year old have white blonde hair and blue eyes....what name on my list with the addition of Wilder/Wylie - makes you think of a cute and wild super blonde child???

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    1 Dash, Mack and Knox Campbell
    2 Dash, Mack and Jesse Campbell

    Have you considered Finn Campbell as an option? Finn means "fair".
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