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    Final name: Nova Margaret Jane?

    Hi all! Sorry Ive posted a similar question before. I am now looking for opinions on my current #1 name choice of Nova Margaret Jane.

    My husband picked out Nova from one of his fave movies (I know, I know. Planet of the Apes--cornball!). I originally hated this name but have grown to consider it pretty and cool. But my husband then broke the #1 rule of baby name club (he talked about it). Now he says he is lukewarm and unsure. As a girl without a dad, I feel like my daughter might think its cool that her dad picked out a special name for her thats got a weird/quirky story behind it.

    Margaret is after husbands great great great grandmother who came over on a boat from Ireland when 19 years old. Her mom actually died during the voyage. Its also a great-aunt on my side. The only living sibling (of 8) of my grandpas.

    Jane is after my aunt who I admire tremendously. I always wanted to be the type of super involved mom like she was when growing up. I can't wait to surprise her with naming the baby after her.

    Anyway, what do you all think of the name? I like that all the names have special meaning to us. Is Nova going to be major target for teasing? Chevy Nova associations? Or just say 'who cares!' and go with it.


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    I went to middle school and high school with a Nova, she had no issues that I knew of.

    Nova Margaret Jane isn't my style, but the fact that it's got so much meaning to you and your DH makes it pretty clear to me that it's your ideal combo. I say go for it.
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    I think it's a pretty great name with lots of meaning, which in my book is super important.
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    I don't think she'd be made fun of. I didn't think of any of the things you mentioned on my own. I think that it's a beautful name with lots of meaning to you and your spouse. I say go for it.

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    I have a really good association with Nova. It was my great-grandmothers name, and she was a very brave woman who stood up to a man who abused her and was ostracized by her family at the time. It's only recently that the true story has come out. I would seriously consider using her name if I ever had a girl.
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