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  • Juliet

    25 34.72%
  • Violet

    5 6.94%
  • Ruby

    16 22.22%
  • Pearl

    26 36.11%
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    Quote Originally Posted by claredelune View Post
    I vote Juliet. I think a classic, romantic name like Juliet brings out that side of Scarlett, while Scarlett + Ruby just makes me think "THEME NAMES!" I don't mind the similar ending of Scarlett and Juliet for the same reason kb5462 mentioned--because I emphasize the first syllable of Scarlett and the last syllable of Juliet, it sounds pleasantly rhythmic to say the names together.
    I think that's what my feeling is too, Clare. Juliet and Scarlett aren't as "theme-y".

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    catloverd Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by missrin View Post
    Oh man, know I haven't even considered Ruby for the middle name! Scarlett Josephine and Juliet Ruby are gorgeous to me! I think I'm going to ask my husband about this combo. They sound...well, they sound like sisters!

    That's such an interesting option!
    You could also do Ruby Juliet. So in the end you can get both, it's just a matter of which first name you want.

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    I like Juliet the best with Scarlett

    Violet is very color themey
    Ruby is another red name
    Pearl is very soft, smooth, and old-fashioned compared to the sharp spunkiness of Scarlett
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    Or maybe I should avoid Ruby for a middle. We are probably going to call Juliet Jewel/Jules for a nickname. It might not go well.

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    If you tend towards nicknames - although Juliet and Scarlett sound similar, 'Red' and say, 'Jules' do not at all - and once they are adults the similarity of their names just matters less and less. I wouldn't be afraid of Juliet IF you are a nickname family. Ruby seems too similar to me, unless you want people to ask about it all the time.

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