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  • Juliet

    25 34.72%
  • Violet

    5 6.94%
  • Ruby

    16 22.22%
  • Pearl

    26 36.11%
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    Oh, okay, after seeing your second post, my vote is for Juliet!

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    What about Juliet Ruby? I don't think it's too matchy, just because of pronunciation: I say Scarlett more like Scar-lut, but I say Juliet with a pronounced -et at the end (does that make any sense?). If you suddenly change your mind, and think she should be a Ruby, then you can just call her Ruby, and she can go by her middle name. Plus, it's a nice connection with her sister. Both have a traditional J name in there, and both have a red colour name.
    If you've already got a middle name picked, then I'd say Juliet. I know someone with daughters called Ruby and Scarlett, and it's just too matchy. Scarlett and Juliet is a nice pairing. Similar, but separate enough.
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    I voted for Juliet. While I think that Scarlet & Juliet are a bit too matchy, Scarlet and Ruby is really too much red! Would you consider another variation of Juliet?
    Scarlett & Julianne
    Scarlett & Julia
    Scarlett & Julianna
    Scarlett & Julietta
    for example... I really like Scarlett & Julianna personally

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    I vote Juliet. I think a classic, romantic name like Juliet brings out that side of Scarlett, while Scarlett + Ruby just makes me think "THEME NAMES!" I don't mind the similar ending of Scarlett and Juliet for the same reason kb5462 mentioned--because I emphasize the first syllable of Scarlett and the last syllable of Juliet, it sounds pleasantly rhythmic to say the names together.
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    Oh man, know I haven't even considered Ruby for the middle name! Scarlett Josephine and Juliet Ruby are gorgeous to me! I think I'm going to ask my husband about this combo. They sound...well, they sound like sisters!

    That's such an interesting option!

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