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  • Juliet

    25 34.72%
  • Violet

    5 6.94%
  • Ruby

    16 22.22%
  • Pearl

    26 36.11%
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    No perfect choice to go with sibling name! Please help!

    Please help!

    I have a daughter that is 1 named Scarlett Josephine, and am pregnant now. I have a few favorite names, but all seem to clash with her name in some way. I need some advice!

    Current favorites in order of preference for the name itself:

    Juliet: Love the name and it is my current favorite. I have literally no issues with it except it sounds very similar to Scarlett. Is it too much or can I get away with it?

    Violet: Love the name, but I feel like I can't use it without people laughing at me now. lol

    Ruby: We spelled her name Scarlett but call her Red for short as a term of endearment. This name makes me feel like, "Yeah, we REALLY like red." lol

    Pearl: Like this one moderately. It's not my favorite, and this is the name of the daughter of Hester in The Scarlet letter. Probably not a big deal, but it bugs me.

    Please let me know considering my preferences of what is your favorite to go with Scarlett and why.

    Thank you sooo much, I'm so lost!

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    I see your dilemma!

    Juliet -- I agree that this sounds very similar to Scarlett. Then again, it is a different syllable count, so maybe its not that big of a deal. I think the larger problem comes if you ever have a third girl and the first two have names that are so similar. She might feel like the odd one out.

    Violet -- Because this is also a color and has the same number of syllables, I think this one is much to similar to Scarlett. : /

    Ruby -- Because of the color (and, especially, a very similar color) I think this one is too close as well.

    Pearl -- I love the name! I think that is a cute connection that they are both names/words featured in the same book. Plus, I like that both names are kind of word names without being overly matchy.

    Here are some other names with a similar crisp sound/feel that you might like:

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    Hi Sunshine!

    A few things to add. Husband doesn't like Pearl. He likes Juliet and Ruby, and this is our last child, so no other children to deal with naming.

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    The -et ending in Violet & Juliet is pretty matchy with Scarlett and Ruby & Scarlett is a lot of red! If i was going to use one anyway, it would be Juliet. Other thoughts:

    Scarlett & Gemma
    Scarlett & Viola
    Scarlett & Julia
    Scarlett & Calla
    Scarlett & Rosalie
    Scarlett & Elise

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    I voted Pearl before seeing your latest post. If this is indeed your last child, then I'd go with Ruby because it would be a cute match and you won't have to worry about continuing the red theme since the set is finished.

    Juliet and Violet both end in -let which I think is tongue twistery when you want to call both your children, just try saying it out loud "Scarlett and Juliet" or "Scarlett and Violet" just too clunky imo.

    Overall I think Pearl is the better option just because they are different colors and sounds, but since your DH doesn't like it, Ruby would be my 2nd pick.

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