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    Names for our Junebug

    My husband and I are expecting our first this June If it's a boy his name will be Coleman Joseph (nn Cole)- Coleman being a family name for my husband and Joseph being a family name from my side.

    For a girl, her middle is decided on: Catherine (after my maternal grandmother). I would love your name expertise on our girl contenders:

    1. Giavannina Catherine- would call her Nina exclusively however Giavannina was my paternal Grandmother's name and I would love to honor her. My reservation with this name is that it's super long, very ethnic sounding and I don't LOVE it as a full name although I really like Nina.

    2. Eleonora Catherine- Love the nn Nora

    3. Anna Catherine- Classic and I love it however...too dull?

    Any other recommendations welcome!!

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    I like all three choices but my favorite is Eleonora Catherine, I love the way it sounds together and I like both the full name, Eleonora, and the nn, Nora! Maybe a way to spice up 3 would be Annabel Catherine?

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    All three are sweet but my favorite is Eleonora. My cousin is actually considering Anna Catherine (Ana Katherine) for her little Roo and fears it may be a little too classic. Lol. I like it tho!

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    Eleanora Catherine is the prettiest one IMO, especially with the nickname Nora.

    Annabel Catherine is a lovely suggestion, maybe even Anneliese Catherine or Arabella Catherine. I personally find Anna Catherine very plain.

    Giavannina is interesting and I actually quite like it. She has the simple nickname option of Nina, which makes it a lot more usable.
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    I actually really like Anna Catherine. I don't see any reason to make it longer for the sake of spicing it up. I really like the name Nina, and I like that it is after someone special. The full name is a bit of a mouthful but I think it's very pretty and she would probably appreciate the heritage that comes with it. Eleanora is my least favorite. But I just personally can't stand the name Eleanor. I do really like Nora, however.

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