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    Beth? Dated or not?

    Where I live, in Ontario, the name Elizabeth is far less common than it is elsewhere. I have only met a handful of Elizabeths, none were under the age of 30 and they all go by the nn Liz or Lizzie. Hubby and I have considered using the name Elizabeth, but I would like to use Beth as a nn instead of Liz/Lizzie. Beth sounds sweet and fresh to me because I have never met anybody that goes by it. According to Nameberry Beth is dated. I don't agree with that, and was just curious what other people might think. So, in your opinion, is Beth dated and what do you think of it? Thanks!

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    I don't think Beth is dated, well, not nowadays, I think you've yet to stumble upon a Beth. It's a very sweet nickname, I also like Bethany..I think Beth even sounds fresh, to some ears, well, perhaps not fresh, but it's not overused.
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    I thin Beth is beautiful, not dated at all!
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    Beth is wonderful by itself. I would love to meet a little Beth. So pretty, sweet, fresh, yet down-to earth and friendly. I don't think its dated. It's ripe for a comeback.
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    I also like Beth. I think it's one of the best nicknames for Elizabeth and I love it on it's own. It sounds sweet and gentle to me ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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