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    Need inspiration!

    I have posted multiple times on trying to find a girl name for girl # 2 due in December. Our first daughter (2.5) is Mhairi Elizabeth. We love scottish/gaelic names as we live in a very scottish community (in Canada). We also love M names as my sister, mom, grandmother, great grandmother, all have M names. This was never done on purpose but obviously has become quite the coincidence. I also love vintage/classic style names. My fav names right now to give you an idea are:
    Matilda, Lilidh, Fiona, Madeleine, Nell, and Flora.

    I am looking to you all for further inspiration b/c obviously we haven't been able to settle on any of these yet so maybe there are some names out there we're missing! Any ideas!? Thank you in advance!

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    How about Maisie? Or Margaret, nn Maisie?

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    I looove Margaret..and it was my great grandmothers name so it would mean a lot to me. Unfortunately my husband really dislikes it. Says it's too 'old lady.' We have very different taste. But I will suggest w/ nickname Maisie, that's different, scottish and really cute! He didn't like Maggie b/c it was too 'boring.' An thanks Misshoppy, Bridget/Brighid is another fave of mine but again, hubby dislikes haha. It was my other great grandmothers name and also my mom's middle name!

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    Does Margo appeal any more to him?

    Mazarine (nn Mazzy?)
    Tara, proud mama to a Honey Badger
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