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Thread: Scotland

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    Exclamation Scotland

    I'm really into people naming their babies after places. I know people named London, Paris, Ireland, China, Asia, Holland.

    What do you guys think of Scotland as a baby girls name? Also, I would like it if they could make a nickname out of it....

    UPDATE: What are your opinions on Sicily? This derives from my family being a large Italian family from Sicily.
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    I don't care for Scotland as a first name- I imagine it'd be awkward of difficult traveling to Scotland or any other part of the UK. It also doesn't seem that feminine to me. The only nicknames I can think of are Scott, Scotty, and maybe Lynn (though it's a bit of a stretch.)
    Hope that helps.

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    I don't like country or continent names on people with no ties to it.

    If you have no ties to Scotland, then I don't like it. It's pretentious to me.

    Scotland is okay, but I wouldn't go for it. And I have ties to Scotland.
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    I think Scott on a girl would be fine, but Scotland feels a little clunky.

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    a) it's not feminine, b) Kourtney Kardashian just gave her baby girl this as a middle name, so it's screams celebrity name

    with that said, I'm really into people using place names that hold some significance to them, but I generally think this is cooler in the middle name spot.

    So for arguments sake if you got married in Scotland, and you named your child Eliza Scotland, I think that's pretty cool.
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