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Thread: Scotland

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    Alba or Caledonia would work much better as fns, especially for a girl (they're old Gaelic and Latin names for Scotland, respectively). Why don't you just look for a nice Scots Gaelic name like Caitriona, Elspeth, Iona?

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    Very Kardassian.

    Even if you aren't a fan, even if you have tons of will come off that way.

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    I don't care for it as a name. I would use your friend's name in some way rather than Scotland.

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    I personally loooove place names for babies! Edging on obsessed. London is near the top of our girl name list, but I've decided we can't use it as an FN. I travel to London pretty frequently and assume that my daughter will as well in a few years. I feel that it would be really awkward to travel to a city/country you were obviously named after. I can just see the people of that area shaking their heads at the silly Americans. However, I think London is a wicked cool middle name, and I feel that Scotland would be as well! Somehow American place names don't bother me as first names at all... Austin, Dallas, Georgia, Virginia, savannah, Juneau, McKinley.... All awesome. I think using it as a middle name would be a great way to honor your friend. And honestly, who really cares what the kardashians do? Name your kid what you love!

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    I love place names, but I think Scotland would work better as a middle.
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