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    It's been 3 years since your divorce from your first husband. Since then you've won 2 Academy Awards and got your hand and footprints outside the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, a sure sign on achievement. Your children have grown up a lot too, especially your eldest daughter, Felicity, who you haven't been allowed to see since she was a baby, but your favorite sibling Cornelia sends you pictures and she is beautiful, which makes you miss her even more.

    You've started dating this rookie actor, Gabriel Nolan Barnes, who is one year younger than you and very congenial and quite naive to Hollywood life, which you find refreshing. He's also drop dead gorgeous with his brown and blue. Your children adore him and you love him for that. So when he proposes two years after you started dating, you say yes.

    You really don't want anymore kids, all you really want is your daughter back. But (husband's name) loves children and wants some of his own. He's so darn cute you concede and nine months later you have...

    What do you have? A girl named Nicola Juniper. Eye color: blue. Hair color: Brown

    Is your marriage successful? Yes

    If yes, then you and Gabriel remain married for the rest of your lives. You also have one more child named Sophia Jane. Eye color: Green. Hair color: Brown.

    The story ends on a bitter-sweet note. One day you get a call from Cornelia. She has grave news. You parent's were killed during the Blitz.

    All this means that you beloved eldest daughter, Felicity Jean, no longer has a home. None of your siblings are able to take care of her so they send her to her "sister" Raphaela in California. You and her become fast friends and once you have bonded you tell her the truth about who her parents are and she confesses that she kinda knew all along thanks to Cornelia.

    In 1958 you get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Your officially a film legend. You live out the rest of your life with your five kids in California, living your childhood dream.

    Raphaela Wynn Barnes formerly Raphaela Price, formerly Raphaela Lander with…

    Felicity Jean Lander (Dorian Edwards)
    Lana Justine Price (Melvin Price)
    Annabel Josephine Price (Melvin Price)
    Nicola Juniper Barnes (Gabriel Barnes)
    Sophia Jane Barnes (Gabriel Barnes)

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