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    It is 1934. Your name is Mary Margaret O'Brien and you come from a small, quiet town near Boston, Massachusetts. Your parents are Charlotte Adelaide O'Brien and William Charles O'Brien and you have 3 siblings, Cordelia Rose (17), Priscilla Fay (13) and Freddie James (10). Out of all your siblings you have always been the most dramatic and the most striking with your large brown eyes and shiny brown curls. You love putting on plays for your family with your siblings and one day your favorite aunt Louisa tells you that you have the face for show biz and that inspires you. You decide then that you want to be a professional actress like your favorite starlet, Jean Harlow.

    You turn sixteen in on July 5, 1935. Your Aunt Louisa asks you what your birthday wish is and you tell her all about your dream to become a movie star and how afraid you are it will never come true. She tells you to keep wishing and a week later surprises you with two tickets to Hollywood!

    As it turns out, your aunt has a childhood friend who works as a secretary for MGM. Your aunt sent her a picture of you and her friend showed it to a casting director who was very impressed. She managed to snag you an audition for the following week, for a cute little movie starring Shirley Temple.

    The casting director adores you and you nail the audition. You sign a two-year contract with MGM that afternoon and you spend six months staying at your aunt's friends house in Los Angeles filming your first movie. It premieres another six months later and is a huge success. And the best part is America is now in love with Miss Mary Margaret O'Brien from Boston!

    It's been six months since your first film. Your definitely a professional actress now but not nearly as famous as your favorite actress Jean Harlow. You get the lead in your next film, a romantic comedy. You try really hard to focus and give your best performance but your costar just happens to be a very famous actor, Heathcliff Sebastian Cullen. You are star struck. But after a few weeks working together you have fallen head over heels for his charm and dazzling hazel eyes and thick auburn hair. He begins to flirt with you too, and the rest is history!

    You and Cliff begin a relationship which he says must be kept a secret from the press. You do a very good job and even show up to the Academy Awards with separate dates. There you loose Best Actress to Luise Rainer but Cliff wins best actor. He then proceeds to thank his WIFE in his acceptance speech. You are furious and confront him during an after party causing a huge scene. He claims you must have known all along but you deny it and break off the affair.

    A week later you find out your expecting. You head home on an "extended vacation" and eight months later you have a precious baby girl with hazel eyes and auburn hair which you call Faith Jean O'Brien.

    Your baby is beautiful and you are so in love but your parents are very upset. They tell you you are too young to be a mother on your own. They say you must either quit acting and raise the baby at home or leave your daughter for them to raise and go back to Hollywood. You want to be there for your daughter but you've come so far acting professionally and don't want to quit now. A month after she is born you return to California with a broken heart. Faith grows up never knowing that her parents are famous actors.

    It has been four years since your daughter is born and you are now working on your fifth film, called Tender Infatuation. You and the producer, Sherwin Russell Gardiner have been dating for a few months. He's a little boring, but a really nice guy compared to your first love. He pops the question and you say yes, partly because you think getting married will persuade your parents to hand your daughter back to you. When that doesn't happen you decide to have another child of your own just to spite them.

    On Oscar night, just after you win your first Academy Award, you go into labor and deliver a healthy baby boy, whom you name Chance Alexander Gardiner. Chance has hazel eyes and blonde hair.

    You don't feel as connected to Chance as you did to Faith but you are happy to show the world how great a mother you are (and shock them all with your choice of baby name). Two years later you notice that every Hollywood starlet seems to be adopting babies, so you manipulate your husband into letting you adopt too.

    You adopt a newborn boy from down south. His name is Cooper Nicholas Gardiner, and he has brown eyes and brown hair.

    Coop seemed to have heightened your status. Everyone thinks you are beautiful, talented and a saint. You're getting job offers left and right. Howard Hughes even asks you to be the leading lady in his new film and you immediately accept. You begin work on the film and things are looking wonderful. But your producer husband isn't happy because not only did you turn down the lead role for his new movie but now the press is reporting that you and Howard Hughes are an item. You are so furious at the accusation that you don't even deny it. You get into a huge fight and end up separating from Sherwin. You end up 25, divorced, with two children and the worst part is you're not even seeing Howard Hughes.

    It's been three years since your divorce from your first husband. Since then you've won 6 Academy Awards and got your hand and footprints outside the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, a sure sign on achievement. Your children have grown up a lot too, especially your eldest daughter, Faith, who you haven't been allowed to see since she was a baby, but your favorite sibling Priscilla sends you pictures and she is beautiful, which makes you miss her even more.

    You've started dating this rookie actor, Nicholas Andrew Finnegan, who is two years younger than you and very congenial and quite naive to Hollywood life, which you find refreshing. He's also drop dead gorgeous with his blonde hair and blue eyes. Your children adore him and you love him for that. So when he proposes 5 months after you started dating, you say yes.

    You really don't want anymore kids, all you really want is your daughter back. But Nick loves children and wants some of his own. He's so darn cute you concede and nine months later you have a brown haired, blue eyed boy, and you name him Edmond Josiah Finnegan.

    You and Nick remain married for the rest of your lives. You also have two more children: a blonde haired, blue eyed daughter named Sophia Grace Finnegan, and a brown haired, green eyed boy named Mason Ezekiel Finnegan.

    The story ends on a bitter-sweet note. One day you get a call from Priscilla. She has grave news. You parents died by drowning in a boating accident in Boston Harbor.

    All this means that you beloved eldest daughter, Faith, no longer has a home. None of your siblings are able to take care of her so they send her to her "sister" Mary Margaret in California. You and her become fast friends and once you have bonded you tell her the truth about who her parents are and she confesses that she kinda knew all along thanks to Priscilla.

    In 1958 you get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You are officially a film legend. You live out the rest of your life with your six kids in California, living your childhood dream.

    Nick and Mary Margaret Finnegan
    Faith, Chance, Coop, Ed, Sophie, and Mason

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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