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Thread: Venellope?

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    Having answered the phone at home growing up for my mother Penelope and hearing how hard it was for telemarketers to get her name right with thousands of years of established use, an invented name like this one is a train wreck waiting to happen. Don't ever even think of trying this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emmabobemma View Post
    Horrible beyond words :-)
    Envelopee? Antelope? Velveteepee?
    Also, I hear the word "venal" at the beginning.
    I totally agree!

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    I actually really like Vanellope, but agree with the idea of spelling it Venelope! I like the way it sounds, flows, feels. It's adorable. I think it would take more nerve than I have to name a child Venelope though =/

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    I feel like there was a Venellope in Bring it On as well. Let me check.

    Ok it's Jenelope in Bring it On. Pretty close. LOL.

    I personally wouldn't use it, as it seems rather made-up.

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    i am actually naming my daughter Vanellope. Me and my husband watched the movie and fell in love with the little girl. We both looked at each other and said thats our baby girl's name.she's due in august and we just can't wait to meet her. i know a lot of friends and family asked how you say it when they just read it but they like it and since my name is vanessa they thought it was cute that her name has vane in it like me. i hadnt thought of that till they said it but i just know her name will suit her well. shes our vanilla cupcake lol

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