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    Which order? Evelyn Fiona or Fiona Evelyn?

    While we've been trying to avoid names that end in 'a', Fiona came up last night while discussing names and browsing name lists and forums, as well as Evelyn. I was thinking that we could potentially use both names together, but I can't decide which order I prefer. I guess my favorite is Fiona, but do you think it's too rhymey with big sister Amelia? My husband is definitely a big Evelyn fan now, with nickname Evie, and I like it too, but somehow it feels a little dated to me (despite the fact that I know it's hugely popular right now). The only other name we've agreed on so far is Leonie, which I really like, but I'm not sure it's the one yet... Help!

    (We still need to discuss the new list I was able to put together from my other post!)

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    I think Amelia & Evelyn are perfect together, much more so than Amelia & Fiona. Fiona seems more dated to me living in the UK, as the only Fiona's I know of are 20 plus. Whereas, Evelyn fits with a range of modern names; Eva, Evie, Evangeline, Ava etc.

    I would be inclined to go with Evelyn Fiona!

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    What about Evelina? That's kind of like combining Evelyn and Fiona, though I know you wanted to avoid names ending in "a". If it ends up sounding too close to Amelia, you could always call her Evie.
    If you are sticking with Evelyn Fiona or Fiona Evelyn, I say Fiona Evelyn has a nicer flow to it.
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    I like Amelia and Evelyn better. So gorgeous and pleasantly-retro! I love how stylish and vintage they sound. Beautiful!
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    Evelyn Fiona gets my vote. Amelia and Evelyn are so sweet together.
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