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    Jan 2013
    West Midlands, UK
    Birth#1: Albert Beckett and Caroline Hadley. Birth#2: Maxon Dune and Fox Dylan. Birth#3: Athena Naomi and Cecilia Hana. Birth#4: Gregor Tobiah. ~~ Alby, Cally, Max, Fox, Thea, Ceci, and Greg.
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Dec 2012
    Southern Tennessee, believe it or not.
    DS/DS: Damien Wilder and Wyatt Oak
    DD/DS: Evangeline Rhea and Felix Adam
    DNephews & nieces: Finn Tennyson, Cody Frost, Harry Crane, Natalia Sophie, and Eden Josephine
    DD/DS/DD: Violet Ruby, August Rowan, and Elinor Scarlett.
    Madison, 14-year-old name nerd! My style is all over the place, my favorites change all the time.

    Boys: David, Eric, Finlay, George, James, Jude, Lee, Michael, Paul, Richard, Rory.

    Girls: Emmanuelle, Frederica, Jayne, Juliet, Lauren, Mary, Molly, Nora, Raffaela, Stella.

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    Feb 2012
    Favorite School Subject is/was: English
    G/B Twins: Alexandra Hadley & William August "Alexa & Liam"

    Favorite Season: Summer
    B/B Twins: Hunter Leo & Maxen Lake "Max"

    Wish: A million wishes
    3 nephews: Aaron Cullen, Brady Moore & Cole Byron
    2 nieces: Lila Amelia & Sophia Isabella

    Lighting: No light
    Girl: Sadie Nova

    Alexa & Liam, Hunter & Max, Aaron, Brady, Cole, Lila, Sophia and Sadie

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    Mar 2013
    My favs: GIRLS:Nadia, Oceana, Ceraphina, Hania, Sasha, Natalia, Gavrielle, Inez, Azaleigha, Arabella

    BOYS: Blaize, Caspian, Silas, Lysander/Lyzander, Marcos, Emileo, Tru, Zaccheus, Tobias, Syre, Josiah, Sebastion

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    Apr 2012
    1. Zephyr Sherwin
    2. Ivy Narcissa & Sage Oakley
    3. I become the guardian of nieces and nephews:
    Gray Giovanni, Finn Hugo, Jude Tennyson, Lavender Alice and Scarlett Josephine
    4. Augustine Lorcan "Auggie"
    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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