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    MN help for Hailey Martin

    Looking for help with a middle name for "Hailey Martin."

    We aren't fond of very trendy names. We're also looking for a MN that has the same level of formality as Hailey and want to avoid rhyming with the long "e" sound at the end of Hailey (so no "Hailey Bailey" or "Hailey Julie").

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you aren't into trendy, then I would rethink Hailey. It's on the same level as Kaylee, Bailey, Riley, Kylie.....all very trendy, even if they have been around for a little while, they still give off that "little girl" air that just doesn't feel like it will age well.

    Anyway, if you are stuck on Hailey, maybe....

    Hailey Abigail Martin
    Hailey Victoria Martin
    Hailey Natalia Martin
    Hailey Rebecca Martin
    Hailey Aurora Martin
    Hailey Cecilia Martin

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    I can see what you're saying with Hailey being trendy. But the father loves the name, loved it for many years now, and has an adorable story to tell our daughter (if baby is a girl...we're waiting to find out) as to why he wanted to name his daughter that. If it weren't for his attachment to the name and the story to go along with it, I'd probably not be as inclined to use the name.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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    Is there some image from your partner's story that might serve as inspiration for the middle name?

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